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Supply Chain,Logistics Engineering,Logistics Equipment Manufacturing

In the condition that Thailand , and the worldwide has the development of Logistics or Supply Chain , because  be the importance in business development for can compete in the market will day by day have to is full-flavoured go up , more 20 year at likely serve the group breaks off all  which be first- class both of company in Thailand , and the country in uncle group staggers the Office of the Prime Minister reach the country in Europe , at the team administrates our harvests the event and level organization Top 5 , worldly side business , Logistics , Warehouse Equipment , Material Handling Systems & Logistics Engineering. , we believe in in the latency of the team administrates and the works that , will build the contentment , and respond the requirement in the market , and customer group in the sense this of well , side work Logistics,Supply Chain , you can manage but , must have the experience , if , you want our assistant is glad ,